Langara Falcons blocked from podium at PacWest Provincials

Falcons men’s basketball team fell to the Douglas College Royals in the bronze medal game at the PacWest Provincial Championships last Saturday, despite being the highest-scoring team in the league.

The Royals pulled ahead in the first quarter and out-hustled the Falcons early on. After Langara’s defence found its bearings and closed the lead, both teams fought strongly in the last quarter

The turning point came halfway through the fourth quarter after a crucial three-pointer by Royals guard Sheldon Derton. The Falcons never recovered and went on to lose 83-71, securing fourth place in the tournament at Quest University in Squamish, B.C.

“We’re still a really young team, so this weekend was a learning experience,” said Langara guard Ravi Basra, who received the PacWest first team all-star award for the 2016-17 season.

“Douglas just wanted it more than us. Shout-out to our guys, too. We had a really strong season.”

08-LangaraDougals-Pacwest (6)
Langara Falcons guard Gary Minhas in a scrum after his lay-up against the Douglas College Royals  at Quest University in Squamish on Saturday, March 6, 2017. Photo by Sasha Lakic

Tough weekend for the Langara Falcons

The end to the Falcon’s season is bittersweet, as the men’s team was the highest-scoring in the league, the team’s best performance in half a decade, ending with a 14-4 record.

Langara Falcon’s coach Paul Eberhardt commended his players for their winning record this season.

“It was a very disappointing tournament for us,” Eberhardt said. “We had bigger goals. We thought we’d make the final and didn’t win [on Friday]. It’s really hard to get excited about it.”

For the next season, Eberhardt said, the Falcons will focus on recruiting new high school players and making sure current players keep up their grades to stay eligible. Basra plans to focus on strengthening his body and game in the off-season.

“The work never really stops,” Eberhardt said.

The Falcons women’s basketball team fell in Thursday’s quarterfinals to the Vancouver Island University Mariners 73-64, denying them a berth for a medal game.

The team ended their season sixth in the league.

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Published in the March 9, 2017, edition of The Langara Voice

Feature image by Sasha Lakic


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