Nutrition Month quietly kicks off in Vancouver

A shopper confers with fishmongers at the T&T Supermarket Marine Gateway location on January 18, 2017. Photo by Sasha Lakic

March in National Nutrition Month in Canada and dietitians aim to educate Canadians about making better food choices.

This year, local dietitians in alliance with Dietitians of Canada are staging nutrition events around Vancouver to “take the fight out of food.” With a three-step strategy, they hope to teach people to identify problems with foods, find a knowledgeable solution and devise an action plan with professional help.

Unfortunately, Metro Vancouver appears to have a shortage of events compared to other areas.

Libra Nutrition, a Canadian company that provides nutrition consultation in B.C., organized one of these community events for seniors in Richmond last Sunday. Founder and registered dietitian Amy Yiu said the overload of information on social media can confuse people when it comes to health and nutrition.

Her company hopes to to give “evidence-based information” to clients about eating well and exercising.

“I see a lot of my peer dietitians doing wonderful things in their communities,” Yiu said.

An apparent dearth of events in Vancouver

07-LibraSeniors-Nutrition events
Amy Yiu (right-most) hosts a Libra Nutrition event at PriceSmart in Richmond, B.C. Photo by Libra Nutrition

Apparent shortages of nutrition events in B.C., as shown on the Dietitians of Canada website, may be misleading as not all events are posted, Yiu said.

She hopes that after partaking in workshops such as hers, people will take a more educational approach to finding out about proper nutrition.

Hannah McGrath, second-year business student at Langara College, said she gets most nutrition info online.

“I do a lot of googling,” McGrath said. “I’d like to see better nutrition at school. That’d be a good start.”

Whitney Hussain is the B.C. representative for Dietitians of Canada and helps rally local practitioners to organize events. Nutrition Month is a highly decentralized campaign, she said, for which she provides informational support and access to resources for events.

“All of us dietitians are aware that we’re trying to promote events in the community [and] with the help of health authorities,” Hussain said.

Published in the March 2, 2017, edition of The Langara Voice

Feature image by Sasha Lakic


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